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7 Simple Ways to Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently

Packing efficiently not only saves space but time, money and energy. Whether it’s a two-week all-inclusive getaway or a three-day city break, learning to pack efficiently helps you to make the most out of the space you have available in your suitcase. Wasting all your valuable pounds on toiletries and liquids is one way to overpack and incur charges. Most destinations have at least a corner shop nearby where you can pick up everything you need and avoid any unforeseen luggage spillages that may happen mid-flight.

With a bit of planning and utilizing some simple storage techniques, you can pack your suitcase efficiently. There are so many suggestions about how to pack your suitcase to avoid wrinkles and maximize space, should we be rolling or folding, the list goes on. To help get you started, here are seven simple ways to pack your suitcase more efficiently.


1.  Check the weather
It sounds so simple but always check the weather before heading off to your destination. The weather is key to knowing what to pack and can really have a big effect on how much you can take. If you’re flying during the cold months, the drop in temperature means you need bulkier, warm clothes to keep you toasty. Always try to wear your heaviest items travelling and save as much space in your suitcase as possible. This includes coats, woolly jumpers, warm boots, and scarfs.
2.  Choose the right bag

There are so many suitcases out there, it’s difficult to choose the right one for you. The bigger the bag, the more you will put in it. To avoid over-stuffing, a hard-sided suitcase is a good option as you can’t squeeze in any extra bits due to the structured shell. Wheeled suitcases are easier for maneuvering through crowds.  Although wheeled suitcases are easier to navigate, they take up precious pounds.   Some airlines in the US, Europe, and Asia impose a weight limit on carry-on bags. 

Packing light and efficiently means you won’t have a gigantic suitcase to drag through to the check-in desk. If you’re looking for the perfect travel partner, check out the JW Weekender, a durable and versatile 3-in-1 travel bag. The travel bag also doubles up as a backpack and sling bag, great for exploring a new city.
3.  Make a list and be strict
Make a day by day plan for your trip and be ruthless. Overpacking is so easy to do and can end up costing a lot in baggage fees at the airport as well having no room to bring any extra treats back with you. If you’re heading to a cold country, try to pack in layers rather than taking a lot of very bulky items. Once you’ve made a list of everything you’re going to take, make sure you definitely need everything. Be strict with yourself and only take items you are going to use. Remember most places have laundry facilities if you’re planning to reuse anything. Break your packing list down into sections including paperwork, electronics, clothes and toiletries. Having a checklist not only simplifies the packing process but ensures you don’t forget anything.
4.  Rolling or Folding?
The never-ending question of packing, do we roll or fold or maybe even vacuum pack? Once you know what you’re taking and have planned out your luggage, now it’s time to pack. Depending on what you’re taking and how much you’ve got to squeeze in your luggage, folding might be for you. Folded clothes take up more space but are less likely to crease. Whereas rolled clothing is more likely to wrinkle but takes up less room. It might be worth combining the two methods depending on the type of clothing. Small items such as underwear and socks can be stuffed into shoes to really utilize every bit of space you have available.
5.  Avoid ‘just in case’ items
The ‘just in case’ list can get quite big and while it is good to be prepared, the majority of these items are easily found when you land and just take up suitcase space. To avoid cluttered packing only take the must-have items. This can be applied to your wardrobe as well as your electronics. You know the items you use the most and packing extras for all eventualities will just weigh down your suitcase and take up excessive room.
6.  Buy packing organizers
Packing cubes or organizers are very useful in organizing your suitcase. Luggage organizers are great for separating clothing so you know exactly where everything is, making your whole travelling process more efficient and simple. As well as organizing your clothing, organizers can be used for travel toiletries, perfect for containing any leaks throughout your journey. If you’re carrying electronics, travel cable organizers are great for your gadgets. Make sure any hard drives are protected in hard cases to keep them safe.
7.  Know your limits
No one wants to start their trip with a hefty excess baggage fine at the airport. Every airline has its own fees and limits when it comes to baggage. Excess luggage can result in a huge unforeseen expense that can really put a downer on your trip. Be sure to fully understand your airlines hand luggage and checked-in baggage limits and rules. Always weigh your suitcase before heading off to the airport to check yours is within the limit. Packing efficiently helps to simplify your travel experience making it much more seamless and enjoyable.


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